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Imbera Cooling | Commercial cooler manufacturer
Imbera Cooling | Commercial cooler manufacturer

We develop in-house technology with an R&D department of more than 100 people designing and developing equipment and components according to the three innovation drivers: Technology, Sustainability & Design.

Low Maintenance Condenser

Imbera’s condensers are designed especially for easy maintenance and long, trouble-free operation. Our units use technology developed by Imbera that drastically reduces your Total Cost of Ownership by minimizing the maintenance required for your condenser.

Prevents dust that blocks air flow.

Saves energy by not forcing the compressor to overwork. Extends the life of the compress.

Standard High Efficiency LED Lighting

Uses only a fraction of the energy that a fluorescent light bulb requires.

Has 10 times the useful life of a fluorescent light bulb.

Imbera Cooling | Commercial Cooler Manufacturer

Electronic Motors

Enhances performance and efficiency

Uses only a fraction of the energy that a shaded-pole motor requires

Electronic components prolong the life of the motor.

High Efficiency Glass Doors

Our doors reduce heat transfer by radiation and visibly keep your products fresh to consumers.

Energy Management & Maintenance Device (EMMD)

Assures optimum product temperature

Reduces energy consumption • Reduces maintenance costs.

Imbera Cooling | Commercial Refrigeration Solutions

We are certified by The Coca-Cola Company.

Imbera Cooling | Commercial cooler manufacturer

Proprietary Energy Management and Maintenance Device (EMMD)

We have developed the Energy Management & Maintenance Device (EMMD), which offers energy savings of up to 20% and has significantly reduced maintenance costs by anticipating and diagnosing equipment failures. Our EMMD is capable of recording equipment performance information and even communicate in real time with the cooler at the Point-of-Sale.